Welcome to Ryals Goat Dairy.  We are the first Grade A pipeline goat dairy in Mississippi.  In April 2007 we started milking our herd of dairy goats. Our herd consists of four breeds of dairy goats: Saanens, Alpines, Nubians and Lamanchas.  When we began milking we were selling all of our milk for cheese production.  This year we began a Grade A Creamery and we can sell pasteurized milk from the farm.  We are currently in the process of getting our farm fresh whole pasteurized goat milk in stores.

     Goat milk is delicious.  It is the milk of choice for most of the world.  It is a natural choice for those people that are sensitive or cannot tolerate cow milk.  Our goat milk is naturally produced and contains no preservatives, is free of antibiotics, and Bovine Growth Hormones. Our goats graze high quality millet in the summer months, and in the fall and spring they graze rye grass and oats.

     Our milk is pasteurized on the farm.  There is no need to homogenize goat's milk.  While the fat globules in cows milk will separate to the surface (cream rises to the top), the globules in goat's milk are much smaller and remain suspended in solution.  We do still encourage all of our customers to give the milk a shake as some slight separation can still occur.

     Please visit this page often as we will be adding more information frequently!

Ryals Goat Dairy The girls waiting their turn for milking. Saanen doe walking in for milking.

Our goats eating grain while being milked. After they finish eating the feeders lift up via a hydraulic system and the goats walk forward and out of the barn.

The goats being milked. Our barn is built parlor style like our cow dairy. The goats are waist high which keeps us from bending over. Sixteen goats can come in each side of the dairy barn.

Milking is over and these goats are waiting to be turned back out into the pasture for grazing.


In the summer, big fans keep the goats cool while they are waiting to be milked.

Washing up after milking. Some of our goats grazing in the pasture.
Ethan, enjoying a donut and a cup of goat milk. Members of the Louisiana 4-H Goat Livestock Educational Award Group touring our goat dairy.

"Louisiana 4-H Goat Livestock Educational Award Group". Our farm was their first stop on a week long tour of Mississippi goat farms and agriculture activities.

Rocking R Boer Goats
Bill & Blake Ryals
42 Airline Highway
Tylertown, Mississippi  39667

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